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GITRE ' was born as filiation and development of the industrial enterprise of the last century , by acquiring and handing down the entire industrial experience in the iron working.

Determined to enter the market with products of high quality standards, GITRE ' takes as its molding techniques for plastics and wood processing , engaging the entire production cycle of its instruments . Leader in teaching and music fields GITRE' is a reference point for schools, educational institutions , music therapy , big distributions and concerts.

With its millions of pieces produced each year, GITRE' reaches a widespread distribution in the world market . Each instrument is followed by GITRE' in its entire life cycle : from concept to design , from testing to full production, thus creating authentic jewellery " Made in Italy" .

The mandatory rules of the entire production are the exclusive use of natural and non-toxic materials, the absolute compliance with the existing rules and a strict and methodical quality control, that constitute an additional guarantee for the always qualified and attentive GITRE' customers.

Our instruments for musical didactics are designed and made bearing in mind in partcular the most modern
psychopedagogical theories, which in the learning of music indicate a fundamental moment for the correct and complete formation of the child-individual. The production made up of percussion, wind, rhythmic and melodic instruments is articulated in the Sound and Colour Line, direct in particular to the younger children and the Didactical Musical Line studied to give an indispensable support to the teaching of music in play schools, elementary and secondary schools, in musical therapy and in musical activities which take place in the home.

On the basis of the teaching and learning requirements, differing according to the age and level of musical
knowledge of the students, certain "all together proposal" have been envisaged to give the teacher equipment which permits the formation within the class of instrumental groups able to give rise to small school orchestras, The four sets, studied respectively for play school, elementary school, secondary school and musical therapy, can furthermore be broadened with the “integrating proposal" groups of instruments which complete and enrich the basic group. The basic group and the relative integration, which already costitute complete musical equipment for the class, can be further enlarged at the discretion of the teacher, who will choose the single instrument to be added from time to time.

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